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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Hi there fellas! I haven't written to you in quite a time, but I have a good excuse (I hope so...).
I left my boyfriend. Yes. You know how unsatisfied I have been with this guy who never could cater to my "special" needs in bed (and outside, while you're at it... lol). So I just gathered the guts and did the deed, which left me homeless for a couple of weeks - the apartament where we lived was his family's, so I had to find places to crash in the meantime.
One lucky move I made before breaking-up with him was making contact with a guy listed in, which I know lives in my area, and setting up a meeting with him, so as to "convince" him to let me sleep over for a week or so, and I was more than willing to provide him with "cash alternatives" for the service... He loved it - this guy is a costume and dress-up type, we had lots of fun (maybe I'll get more specific later).
For now I just need to blow off steam from an argument I had with one of my male friends. It was about porn.
I love porn. Well, maybe "love" is not the right word here, but I really like it, that's to say the least. It's exciting, it gets me new ideas and its plain fresh - every time a new site, a new concept, etc. etc.
The guy I was arguing with claims that this makes me a slut. Do you think that I'm a slut just because I enjoy sexual excitement? Why not enjoy it with me together and have more fun?
For example take this site for example - I like it because it's friendly. No messed-up banners, ads, UPPERCASE fonts and the general feeling you get in most porn sites - too much graphics, too much text, too condensed, not friendly and inviting. Maybe it's more "woman-like" to like clean, minimalist designs, but still... you get what you want without the mess, so that's where I'm going for my "moments alone"...
Anyway, this guy was a jerk anyway, so I'll just get off that subject...
Next time I'll write some incredibly funny thing that happened to me and that man I slept with for the last two weeks. Worth the wait!
ta ta!

. . . . .