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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Welcome me back friends!
I was at the hospital... ;-( but it was so worth it! Am I sick or what?

Well, actually what happened is that I met this incredible guy who knew how to treat me so rough and hard that I almost scared all his neighbours with my screams of pleasure... we hardly even got out of bed for like 36 hours or so (I didn't even bother callng bf, I was so into it!). I don't know if I already told you about it, but for those of you ready to staop looking and start acting (like I am), this site is the place to meet real BDSM lovers like us, and just let your imagination roll, no strings attached, no shames, no inhibitions, no limits... well, until you fall of the bath like we did ;-)

Yes, we finally headed for the bath to clean our sore, sore bodies... and as the water and action started heating up, we both fell through the side-glass and crashed on the floor!
Just imagine the embarrassment of calling an ambulance while you are naked, red from all the spanking and whipping that went on earlier, and having to explain all this to the doctor... what a laugh, turns out he is also registered on the website...!
So, to tell a story short, I'm now bound for a couple of days of rest. I'll just lie in bed healing myself, and hat will probably make so horny when I finally get up, that I'm positive you'll get a juicy story pretty soon after... ;-)

Wish me health!

. . . . .