Submissive by Nature
secret confessions of a dirty little sex slave
Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Well, I did it again! What did I do were you asking dear masters? Well, I've been
a naughty little slut again, meester! I told you about SexyAds,
right? Well I posted a personal profile of me so hot and so fucking evil that
any real men with one of his balls intact would write me... and they did! I got
tons of messages from all sorts of wimps, but there was one that I liked - this
man was totally dominating from square one. I'm not sure I have hair left on my
head after all of that hard pulling... And this time around, after I told you
about my "balcony show", I got to do it in a movie theater (didn't you always
want to?) - but not like any of you sissies might have done it - in a half-empty
show in the most deserted theater and in the dark - no! This mighty man took me
to a fucking crowded theater (it was in the next town so my paranoia
of getting caught was slightly less paralyzing), bought tickets in one of the
back rows (there were kids there, for christ's sake!), and in
the middle of the show just pulled my head onto his fat dick like there's no tomorrow!
I was shocked at first, embarrassed from the scene we are about to cause, but
this man insisted, pulling my head harder and harder until I stopped resisting and started sucking.
I sucked his dick like a pro - this guy had a fat one! - but he just didn't let me go. He pulled my hair, almost gagging me with his huge cock, making loud noises (thank God it was an action movie!), almst breaking my back in this awkward position, but to tell you the truth - I loved it. I loved him treating me like a bitch, I loved fearing to be caught. I loved his hot cum staining my blouse, face and skirt, and I loved walking out of that theater being stared at by people who were sitting next to us and who couldn't possibly have missed the going-ons. I believe I came myself at the moment he sprayed me with his load - just goes to show you I don't need to even be touched to get off... how fun is that lol? ;-)
Anyway bf also noticed the positive change in mood I had this day. I told him it was because of that "fabulous" trip we made... he swallowed it.
He'd swallow anythingm this guy. But hey, I would too ;-)

Anyway, he's gone now, and I'm sharing with you my latest website discovery, suiting just perfect my type of thing - Obey Me Slave!. This site has the most sexy pictures and movies if you're into this king of submissiob/domination thing - and you know I do! I might just change bf's homepage to it, see how he reacts lol lol lol - Never!

Sunday, September 14, 2003

I've been off-writing for a couple of days, bf took me to a "Get closer" vacation at the lake. Actually it was pretty fun and promising - moonlight, tent, skinny dipping at midnight etc... got my juices flowing. Anyway, I prepared a really nice surprise for him there, but he totally freaked out :( maybe I'll tell you all about it in my next post, I'm too tired for it now.

After the amazing kinky experience I told you about, I woke up all sore - bf was away at work, but I knew he'd ask questions when he gets back, so I took pleasure in spending the day in bed, letting my pussy rest (never even fingering once, I'm proud to say... ;)) - I kind of hoped he'd get all suspicious as to where I've been to until so early in the morning the night before, maybe he'll even feel the need to punish me for my behavior... yeah, right. Didn't happen. All it took from him is for me to wait at the doorstep on my knees, welcoming him home with a nice blowjob. I hoped he would leave the door open to get a little risky feeling, but nope, he's too shy, this man.

I just got out of bed, couldn't sleep after we got back from the lake. I feel the tingling feeling down there again... maybe it's time to start seeking new adventures on the net. Actually now I'm just browsing GothSin - all this vampire / evil sexy atmosphere really suits me in this time of night... ok now I'm fingering lol I'm such a dirty bitch, the man sleeps two yards from me, he can catch me by merely opening his eyes... hell I'm horny.

Ok, tomorrow I'll check out this new site I sign up for - SexyAds. A friend "in the know" told me they have some pretty kinky people there and I'd really go for a little roughness after the sweetie-ho vacation me and bf just had. Or I can always go back to looking for someone. We'll see about that tomorrow.

Good night you bitches. ;-)

. . . . .