Submissive by Nature
secret confessions of a dirty little sex slave
Tuesday, September 09, 2003

Wow am I sore... I can barely walk, let alone sit for a long time writing this stuff down, but I just have to let it out before I go to sleep.

I just returned from an all night out with this guy I found on I know that by now you still don't know enough about me, but you have to understand that since I was about 15 (which was not so long ago, mind you), I already knew what I like and what turns me on. So I am completely uninhibited about my sexual needs and I accept that maybe I'm a little different than most people, but the way I see it, at least I am confident about it and able to go after the things that really do it for me. Right?

So anyway, you already know I have a boyfriend, who is really nice and also makes loads of money, but I already told you how he treats me in bed, so sometimes I just wander off looking for real, rough pleasure with other people of my kind... ;)

This guy I met last night was totally exciting from the first message we swapped on the site. He was so sure of himself. He knew exactly what he wanted and where he wanted to meet. I tried to protest to him that the time and place was not good for me, but he just wouldn't hear it. He ordered me to be at a specific hotel room at 10pm, and promised to take good, long, aggressive care of the little bitch that I am. God I'm getting wet just from writing this...

The time and place were really fucked up - this hotel lies just in front of a shop where my boyfriend's sister works, and 10pm is just closing time, when everything is about empty and she would be arranging things outside. And what this guy (who called himself The Whipper, no less...) ordered me to wear was sure to attract some attention. I just knew I'm asking for trouble, I knew I could get caught SOO easily, I knew I should have resisted. But this has made me all the more horny and attracted to this guy. The Whipper... just imagine!

I slipped out of the house at about 9pm, before my bf returned from some family visit (his mother or something, I wasn't paying attention all day long). Although it's pretty warm here even in the evening, I wore a big dark coat, to cover up my "special" costume for tonight. The cab driver didn't ask any questions, though I'm sure he noticed my nervousness and the hotel he drove me to isn't exactly Hilton, so...

I walked into the lobby of the hotel and straight for the elevators, 7th floor, and the doors opened into a dark, empty corridor with a yellowish carpet. I took off the coat - I had specific orders, and who am I do defy The Whipper's commands?

I was left with only my assigned clothing - a black silk bra with holes cut through it to expose my little pink nipples (I had to ruin a totally new bra for this), a silver chain connected to my belly-button piercing, and a black, shiny, leather g-string (I have lots of these, my bf hates them off course...).

And that was all.

I was standing in this corridor, practically naked, where I can be seen by everyone. I started walking slowly toward the room, and just when I reached the door I heard his voice from the other side.

He said he was watching me. He called me a dirty bitch and demanded that I take the position suitable of a filthy slave like me. He wanted me to kneel in front of his door and beg for entrance. My face were all red from the shame, he was shouting in such a loud voice I just knew doors would start opening and people will see me all naked. But I did just what he told me to do.

I knelt on all 4 in from of the door. My ass was in the air and I could smell the carpet. I dared not raise my head and I begged for him to let me in. He said this wasn't loud enough, so I begged harder and louder. "I'm a dirty little slave, sir. Please let me in and fuck me, sir! I know I don't deserve such a treat, I'm a filthy little bitch, but PLEASE allow me to enter. I'll take any punishment you decide!"

I was so ashamed and so aroused at the same time. I just knew someone would soon hear me shouting and would come to check up, finding me on all four, half-naked and begging to be fucked. This was so humiliating. My pussy was so wet, I felt the blood pulsing through it. My face felt so hot I just prayed this torture would end and that I would be allowed in. This must have been going on for about 15 minutes, and my voice was starting to lose its strength.

Finally, the door cracked open.

My first mistake was that I tried to raise my head and see who is this guy mastering me. A quick slap to my face told me that I should have known better. He pulled me by my hair and literally dragged me into the room, still on all four and trying to keep the paste so as not to lose my hair. The door slammed behind me and I could hear the lock click. That's it, I thought, there is no escape now. I would have to please this master all the way, whatever demands he might have, just to get out of here. I couldn't wait to start...

First thing I felt was a blindfold wrapped around my face. I was in total darkness. I tried to remember the last position of the bed, table, chair or anything but a quick pull by my hair turned me around and I was lost. "Now crawl, bitch, and get on the fucking chair!", he commanded. I tried to find the chair, crawling around the room, but every time I thought I'd found it, he would slap me hard on my behind, telling me I was wrong. I got slapped and slapped, my butt started to sore and feel all stingy, but where was that damn chair? He must have hid it, given the fact that it wasn't such a big room. I finally felt a breeze and I could feel the legs of that chair. I suddenly realized he had pulled the chair out to the balcony! He wanted me to mount the chair, blindfolded, in front of the whole world and above a busy, main street! I tried to resist, I tried to take my blindfold off - this was NOT part of what I was planning for - but he was not going to be turned down. I got slapped one more time, this time very hard, and I sheepishly climbed the chair.

I could hear the street noises below. I just knew this was going to cost me so much, but I also knew this was the most exciting thing I have ever experienced. This was no gameplay - this guy was serious.

The next thing I felt was a sharp sting on my right nipple, then the left one - he was clamping my nipples! He sure wasn't the considerate type - these things were strong! I squirmed a little but then I realized he chained the clamps to the balcony's rail, so every move just pulled and squeezed my nipples more! I was on the verge of screaming, but I knew all the people in the street would raise their head and see me, so I bit my tongue and kept silent. He knew I would, I heard him laughing behind me. "Go ahead, scream, bitch! That hurtin'? Feel free to call for help!"

The pain started to subside and instead came a strange feeling of arousal flowing through my nipples and down to my now dripping-wet pussy - I have experienced this before, pain causing extreme arousal, but never this hard! My ass on the chair started squirming by itself, begging to please my obedient pussy, but he wasn't do easy on me. It would take time until I got permission to cum. Instead he pulled my hair a little to raise my head up, and with a forceful push slammed his cock inside my mouth.

Man, this guy had a huge one! I almost choked from the surprise (I was blindfolded, don't forget) - he started fucking my face harder and harder, pulling my hair really hard and talking really dirty to me (you know how much I like that...). I gagged on his cock, slurping blindly, not knowing if the whole town is watching or not, feeling the clamps on my nipples tighten with each pull of my hair. He slapped my face every two or three thrusts, making his cock penetrate even further down my throat. I gasped for air. I screamed from the pain. I loved every second of it.

After what seemed like eternity, he took his cock out of my mouth and threw me on the floor. the clamps disconnected from my nipples with a painful blow, and he tore my panties with a single pull (there goes another pair...;-). My pussy was so wet I just begged to be fucked. I didn't care anymore about the audience. I didn't care about my boyfriend, his fucking sister or my mother - I just had to have my pussy rammed. I had to feel that giant cock riding my pussy hard and rough and strong. I begged him to fuck me. I knew he wanted me to, so I shouted it loud. I wanted everyone to hear. I wanted every single fucking one of the people of this city to see me cumming. He slapped my ass again and again. "Harder! Shout harder!", he demanded. And I did. My ass was sore, my face was dragging on the floor with each slap, but finally it worked - I feld my pussylips widening. He opened me up with two fingers, than three and then four. My pussy was about to tear-open. I screamed. He pulled my hair real hard and rammed his cock up my pussy, again and again and again, calling me a bitch and a slave and a dirty whore, fucking me strong and hard and fast, pulling my hair until my neck almost broke, and finally it happened - I started shaking from head to toes, my pussy exploded with a wave of pounding orgasm-contraptions, and I screamed with pleasure until he had to shut my mouth with his fist. I bit on his hand for maybe five minutes until my body calmed down, realizing he had come all over my ass and back - I didn't even notice it with the ground-shaking orgasm I was having...

"You did good, bitch", he said - this guy wasn't about to "my angel" me, that's for sure - and when I finally opened my eyes it was almost morning, he was long gone and I was still on the balcony of the hotel room. I must have awaken from the cold - I was naked and lying in a pool if now-cold cum.

I tried to gather myself but my legs were still shaky from the experience I just had, and I had no clothes - my torn-up panties and bra were gone and all I had was this short coat I had brought to cover myself earlier that night.

Well, I got home just half an hour ago and immediately logged on to again to send a thank you message to The Whipper for a night I won't forget soon. I than had to sit down and write this to you, and now I'm so exhausted I'll just slip under the covers with lazy bf who's still asleep. I'll have a lot of explaining to do later, but this sissy will probably just tell me he loves me and trusts me. If only he'd be man enough to punish me for my dirty behavior just one time, one time...

Oh well, thank God for Internet, and good morning/night !

Monday, September 08, 2003

That fucker.

I was just on the verge of a blasting orgasm. I
could feel the throbbing ticklish sensation already
building up inside me, paving the way for the huge
wave that would follow (I'm like that - every
orgasm is a screaming, body-tearing sensation that
leaves me gasping and twitching for a long time - I
guess I've been blessed... ;-).

I was just on the tip of it, getting ready for

And then he starts this fucking love-talk: "oooh
baby I love you so much, you are my angel" etc.
etc. etc.

Ruined it all for me. Really, all I needed from him
was to maybe (blush) grab my ass real hard? Pull my
hair just a bit? Bite my neck? Even the right kind
of talk would have been enough. But no, he had to
smooth me up with the love shit.

This guy is just not Man enough for me!

I'm seriously thinking of leaving him.

. . . . .